Questions about Your Benefits?

Need Help with Investments?


PSPRS has selected PSF/Galloway to help, guide, advise, consult, and counsel all members on benefits and financial wellness.


We are Available to Help you with:

  •       Individual Financial Investment Advice and Managed Money Services
    •       Investment Allocation Recommendations in your Public Safety Personnel Defined                        Contribution Retirement Plan (PSPDCRP)
  •       One-on-One PSPRS Benefit Counseling Meetings (including)
    •       Buybacks
    • Medical & Disability Benefits Benefit Education and Financial Workshops/Seminars topics include
      • Pension Reform
      • Financial Wellness
      • Approaching Retirement
      • Retiring and Beyond

To meet with one of our financial advisors, inquire on seminars/workshops, or have an investment or PSPRS benefit question; please fill out the form below or contact us at 480.325.8668.